DWR catalog cover

Oy. long long day. Times like these are when I need an escape. The other weekend, I did a marathon of catching up on my recorded episodes of Mad Men, on AMC. When it first started, I was like- ooh- it’s visually very nice- pretty- but I wasn’t totally sold on it. But being able to watch episode after episode- it has grown on me and now I’m completely hooked. I think I was thrown off by the pacing of it, since it moves a lot slower than your typical drama- but that’s a good thing- I love the recent cover of DWR, which was shot about the same time Mad Men takes place- (circa 1960-61) I love that it says “young moderns” too. what a great label. I want to be a “young modern.” Those guys look so swank and cool- I’m not saying I want to live in the past- I definitely look forward to the future and want to live in the now- but I do appreciate how everyone wore a suit and was so spiffy. I would never want to wear a suit everyday- but maybe I need to look into “dress-up” fridays… that could be kinda fun…

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