Branching out.

I have this vase vingette by my tv. I’ve been staring at it for awhile. I guess I just felt like it needed a little… sumthin’ sumthin’.
So then I got this crazy idea to do a “dipped” effect, where only half the branch is white (I’m still in this weird “white” kick right now.) Originally I had the idea to have just the top half be white, but in the end, decided to do the bottom half instead. Of course, I couldn’t actually “dip” it, since that would have required large amounts of wasted paint and a container big enough, which wasn’t going to happen- so we turned to the trusted can-o-spray paint! I think it turned out pretty nice! It complements the ochre stripe I painted on the wall behind the tv, and continues the more linear motif I have going on in the painting behind… I simply taped off where I wanted to line to end. It was a little trickier to do than I thought. One tip with the tape is to mask it with the branches in the vase that you want it to be in. That way it will stay level to the vase, since the position of the branch can shift. Also- make sure you cover the area you don’t want painted. Spray paint has a lot of mist, and I had to use a little remover to get rid of a few overspray areas. (you can kind of see some of the overspray in the pic…oops.) Now I think I’ve been bitten by the spray paint bug! What else can I paint? hm…. ideas…. stay tuned….

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