What’s inside!! Part 1 of 2.

Ok- sorry for the delay. Time to reveal what’s inside my happy boxes!

First. Let me just say. I’m blaming Real Simple. Thanks Real Simple. It’s your fault.
The last issue, started it all. It was this page:
See that cool lamp? yeah. that’s culprit #1. I’ve been thinking about it for awhile, and seeing it in the magazine pushed me over the edge and I just had to get it. Luckily, I still had some left-over credit from my entry from the Color Contest by AT awhile back, (have you voted yet on this year’s entries? go there now!) So it actually was free! yipee!! Anyways- here it is in my bedroom.
Ain’t she purty!? I had an older Ikea lamp there, but I just wanted an upgrade, and a change. Speaking of IKEA, I was also thinking about getting this one, but I ended up liking the straight lines of the shade on the CB2 one better. The new lamp fits nicely. It also started another trend that I’ve been drawn to that continues on to tomorrow with the conclusion in part 2…

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