the big 500

wow- I was getting together today’s post and I saw on my counter that this would be my 500th post! I started this blog back in March 2006 and it’s so interesting to look back at what has happened since then. In many ways, many things are still the same, but then in so many other ways, so much has happened that have added so much more to my life. So… I just wanted to thank all of you for your support of this blog and that take those few minutes a day to check out my mundane musings. I’ve received so many great emails and comments and have made some great friends that I would never have met without the blog and this great thing called the internet- (“the interweb?”) It’s great to know that even if you live in a little suburban town in Orange County, CA, you can be connected to a whole world of people that share your appreciation for happy mundane things…

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