Spooky time

A few weeks ago, it was like, “Halloween stuff already?!” and now the scary thing is that suddenly, there’s only 16 more days until Halloween! So… I’ve got skulls on the brain… although skulls are outside the brain… um.. nevermind. anyways- I am quite enjoying how some retailers are making more “sophisticated” Halloween decor. Shelterrific just had this great post about the current skull trend- I find myself strangely attracted to them. Not that I’m gonna be going all goth or anything, but I couldn’t resist purchasing this surprisingly cool candle holder from Target. It’s all metal, quite substantial and I think quite… stylish, for skulls… it was $7.99. I have this crazy idea to paint the whole thing white or light grey and keep it up all year round. (looks like another weekend project!) I couldn’t find the candleholder online, but it is in stores.
UPDATE: Speaking of skulls, check out this cool FREE font! (via Craftzine)

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