IKEA October 2007 News brochure

So I just got the latest IKEA October 2007 brochure. There’s some interesting things in it! Last week, I stopped by there to get a picture frame, and noticed they had their Christmas selection up. I love the folk-artsy snowflake pattern they’re using this season! They’re using it on everything- bags, tablecloths, tags, wrapping paper, coasters, and more! I’m also loving the KIVISTA flocked lampshades! The purple/black colorstory they show it in looks really fresh for some reason. I also am totally loving the entire ESTETISK wooden organizer collection- How cool are these simple block magnets? (although I suppose they could also be a super easy DIY project, but they’re only $2.99) and this wall organizer? ok, gotta go- Need to run to IKEA now! You can view the brochure here

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