Home Hero fire extinguisher

So with all the crazy fire/burning/brimstone going on here in my little city of Irvine, as well as many parts of Southern California, this little guy seems appropriate. The Home Hero is a fire extinguisher that is light enough to use with one hand- and it sure is nicer looking than the traditional one. I picked one up at Home Depot (normally $30), but this week it’s on SALE! $25). It’s pretty cool! I like the grey/white combo with the red accent. This is one of those things that you buy where you don’t have to feel bad that you never use, because honestly, I hope I never have to use it! But it’s good to be prepared…Yesterday, I saw a few pics taken around my area. Sunday night, when I took the pictures from yesterday’s post, I didn’t really go outside too far to see the reality of what was going on. It’s really scary to see these places that I actually go to and pass by daily to be so close to the fire. My thoughts are with all of those that are still in danger.

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