October 2007

Ed Emberley: Weirdos

Happy Halloween! Last year I posted about the great Ed Emberley. He remains one of my biggest influences and an important fixture of my childhood. You can imagine how excited I was when I saw some of his re-releases at the bookstore recently. So, in honor of Halloween, I bring you his book, “Weirdos”- that shows you step by step how to create some “weirdos” of your own. (only $6.99!)
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Faces in Places

Last year, I posted about how I couldn’t stop looking at my DVR without thinking it looked like a hammerhead, and mentioned this book that came out awhile ago called Face to Face– well someone just sent me a link to this site which is all about the same thing called Faces in Places! I LOVE it! It’s so happy mundane isn’t it? I can’t stop clicking through all the archives! Apparently you
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blue munday: martha kitchen utensils

(sigh) It’s munday folks. I’m sort of in this weird mood. It’s grey outside, overcast… and currently several of my closest friends that I talk to or see daily are all coincidentally out of town. It’s sort of weird when suddenly you find yourself all… “alone”…? He he, I’m just being melodramatic, so what does one do? Look at pretty blue things of course! I do
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