The happiest place on earth has happy colors

One of the best things about living where I do is that I’m literally 15 minutes away from “the happiest place on earth”, Disneyland! (Disneyland always makes me happy)
Since I’m local, this year, I opted to get one of those Annual passes, cuz honestly, with the prices they have for admission- the annual pass makes a lot more sense. So, since I have the pass, I feel obligated to go as frequently as possible… (or as often as I can drag my also-pass-carrying friends)- A few weeks ago, I visited the California Adventure part to check out the Monster’s Inc. ride. I loved the opening credits of that movie.

I thought it was so clever to do it with a vintage 50’s-60’s vibe. They made the entrance of the ride in the same vein and it looks great. The ride is fun as well. Another thing that got my attention was this interesting wall mosaic that is sort of off to the side of one of the buildings. It’s made up of all kinds of random things. I didn’t see any obvious signs as to who made it, but it was kind of pretty in it’s bright coloring. It was fun looking at all the pieces. Happy colors in happy land.

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