pretty from above

Even though fall is quickly creeping its way in, and summer is fading, I’ve recently seen two lamps that have grabbed my attention, despite the fact they probably would be much more “spring” appropriate. First is this gorgeous Niagara Chandelier, designed by Bodo Sperlein for Lladro. It features porcelain butterflies hanging down. Apparently this piece is quite large (and quite expensive)- but I wonder if you couldn’t create your own DIY version, perhaps using paper and fishing line, and attatching them to a pendant lamp? I’ve seen a lot of butterfly punch cut out things. I believe Martha even has one from her craft line.
(EDIT: you might need to look for a larger craft punch. upon closer inspection, the martha one above is kinda tiny…) Would be great for a party- It actually reminds me of the holidays, when in elementary school, we’d cut out paper snowflakes and hang them from the ceiling… anyways- the second one is from PBKids- I saw this in-store and thought it was so clever- also something that could probably be DIY’d if you could figure out a frame-… (sadly I couldn’t find it on their website- it probably has been out for awhile) I’m not sure you can tell from my crappy camera phone shot, but I love how it’s made of simple ribbons. I could see a fun version, maybe made of multi colors, like a Paul Smith stripe? Anyway, I’m not sure why these super “pretty” things have suddenly caught my eye, then, I guess I’m always a sucker for beauty, hehe.

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