plants on the wall and crazy fun decor

Posted this house that I saw in the Sept. 2007 California Home+Design mag, (click over to AT:LA for my post- the house was done by the cool folks at Sundayland)- I am strangely obsessed with how they hung the cactus pot in the kitchen. I want to have a pot hanging off the wall like that- how cool is that? I don’t know how or where I’d find a metal ring thing like that but I want one. I suppose you could just put a shelf up, but it’s not the same effect. I remember seeing an iron garden trellis type thing awhile back, but that was a whole set up thing- I would just want the arms… any ideas? Also, I love the unexpected color combos they used and am so drawn to this image of the semi-cheezy 80’s garden wallpaper with the color coded bookcase. It feels so fun and fresh.

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