new (for me) white vases

Time for another confession. I’ve been kinda bad lately. (Well, not that bad.) You know how sometimes you just feel like you need to change things up a bit? Perhaps its the changing seasons, but I’ve been feeling a need to spruce things up, switch things out. I suppose we all go through it, and honestly, it’s probably just my excuse to do some frivolous impulse shopping. I’ve been picking up a bunch of random things lately, mainly because there’s all these big sales going on for spring/summer product. One of which is this vase currently at West Elm. Now, it’s actually pretty new, but I just love this zig-zag-y “geo totem” one. It reminds me of Architectural Pottery, only in a mini-me size version that I can afford. I don’t know where I’m going to put it, since… well, as I’ve said before, I have waaay too many vases. But for now, it sits on my kitchen “counter.” I’ll be sharing the rest of my recent aquisitions in the next few weeks… but misery loves company- Have you been succumbing to all the sales going on lately too? Tell me I’m not alone! hehe Oh- one more thing- speaking of white vases, I spotted these fun white vase sets over at Sears on clearance too.They’re from the Ty Pennington collection- Could be fun to mix it in with your other groupings… there’s several to choose from, all on sale-this one with holes in it here, this modern set here, these candle holders here, and these are a total steal ($4.99) here.
That’s all I could find on the website, but as you can see in the pic, there were a few more styles. Definitely check it out if you have a store nearby. Sale apparently ends on Saturday.

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