table light idea in BluePrint

Happy Thursday! It’s such a weird week for me, since today feels like a monday- (since we had July 4th holiday yesterday, and I’ve been in NY since Saturday) yet it’s actually Thursday, which means the weekend is going to start tomorrow! I really should have just taken the rest of this week off, but alas, I have projects and clients to tend to, so… a slave I must be. I hope everyone that did have a holiday yesterday enjoyed it. I saw this great idea in the latest Blueprint magazine for transforming a simple wine glass into a cute table light. So simple but so elegant and fun! I don’t know if I’d necessarily need to do put the design graphics on it, I’d probably just opt for it to be plain, but it looks fun nonetheless. Have any of you considered or have done something like this? By the way, in case you missed the very first issue of Blueprint (which came out about this time last year), did you know you can download it? Click here.

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