New Rex Ray book and mural

I’m such a huge fan of Rex Ray. I remember seeing some of his early pieces at this store called Homework in Los Angeles. I thought his collages were so simple and brilliant and I loved how he used magazine clippings for color and texture. Cut to a few years later and now he’s huge and amazing and sold at Jonathan Adler. He has a new book coming out this fall from Chronicle books that you can preorder now at Amazon. It’s called Rex Ray Art + Design. I have one of his other books that I bought at the Jonathan Adler store when I was in Chicago, but this one looks like it will be bigger and perhaps have more! I was looking on his website and in the News section that he recently completed this mural painting for the Bank of America headquarters in San Francisco! What gorgeous colors! It totally reminds me of those stunning iconic murals of Mary Blair, for Disnyeland!

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