blue munday: Driftwood and Seaside cottages

Happy munday. Summer dayz… remember those? If you’re a slave to the grind like I am, then you’ll understand my longing for ocean breezes right about now. Even though I live fairly close to the beach, I am not there at this moment in time, and would rather be, than here in front of this computer procrastinating from work, hehe. The August 2007 issue of Better Homes & Gardens has a great feature on the home of Boston based photographers, Amy and Joe Keller. Their home is a casual but modern take on the whole seaside cottage feel. I LOVE the driftwood starburst mirror they made, as well as the other driftwood acccents. That big white cabinet is gorgeous with the painted blue backing that blends in to the wall color, and I love all the white pottery inside. I’m also loving that little blue bowl/basket thing on the side table. Anyone know what that is? Funny thing is, here’s another house with a globe collection- are they the next Foo dog? It looks great though, and adds depth and texture and a little bit of soul. I also love all the little bits of sea glass throughout. I’ve been very tempted to get one of these vases from Z gallerie that I posted about last week on AT:LA, but I’m resisting because along with pillows, I have waaaay too many. But I’m an addict. And admitting I have a problem is the first step to recovery right? Baby steps…

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