Another thing that I loved during my last trip in NYC was being able to return to BAMN! and sample more of their food. If you’re not familiar with Bamn!, it’s really fun. Basically, they’ve taken the concept of the old vending machine “automat”, and modernized it with fun japanese pop graphics, and gourmet food. It sounds weird, and kinda is weird- but it surprisingly was really yummy! not to mention fun to do too! During my trip to ICFF, we stumbled upon it, and since we already ate, I wasn’t too hungry to try any of the food, but I couldn’t pass up the Green Tea Ice Cream SOFT SERVE!!!- that was yummy. This last trip, I had to go back, and me and my two other travelling companions made it a point to try as many items as we could. Everything is basically $2. You have to put in $2 in change into the compartment, and then just open the door and pull out your yummy food. We tried the cheeseburger, teriyaki burger, the yummy appetizer thingy that I don’t totally remember what it was, but was tasty, and my favorite was the mac and cheese croquette. Again, it sounds like it would be gross, but it actually was quite good. A definite must try on your next visit to NYC… I wish they’d open one up around here… Read more about the whole Bamn! experience here at their website. You can see more photos on my Flickr page.

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