a quick bite out of a big apple

happy saturday- or well, what’s left of it. I find myself tonight in NYC! I guess in retrospect it probably isn’t the most ideal time to be travelling across the nation, what with scary fire bombs going off in airports and increased security and all… but alas, the big city calls. I’m only here for a few days, but hoping to soak up lots of visual fun, as the city never fails to provide. If you’re an NYC happy mundane-er that happens to catch this, i’m here til tuesday- let me know if there’s anything new I should check out- here’s the view from my hotel tonight (I’m right by TimesSquare)The one exciting thing so far is that I got to play with one of those new iphones at the big apple store on 5th. oooooh fun! it’s really really cool. I even tried calling someone at it worked! anyways- Tomorrow (sunday) i’m hittin’ Brooklyn! stay tuned…

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