July 2007

Dry Soda

So one of the things I discovered in lovely Temecula, was this “Dry Soda“. I saw it in this olive oil shop, and was intrigued by the simple and beautiful packaging. It’s basically soda with just a hint of flavor. Kind of like fruit water, but carbonated. It was very very light. According to the website, it’s meant to be paired with certain foods, etc… a “culinary soda”. The s
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Mundane Aesthetic: Temecula

Good morning Temecula! Over the weekend (actually Thrusday through Saturday) I found myself in the lovely town of Temecula, CA. Originally, I was going to go to San Diego, but then found out that the big Comic-con was happening, so decided to detour some place else. Temecula is a growing suburan town. It’s located between Orange County and San Diego. There’s apparently a large wine country growing there,
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mundane aesthetic: rainbow carrots

Everytime I go to Ikea at night, I try to arrange it so I can partake in their cafeteria, where I enjoy either the Swedish meatballs, or the salmon. The salmon is always served with “mixed vegetables” and they always have these yellow carrots that fascinated me. I never knew there were different colored carrots! Apparently there’s a whole wide world of carrots out there! (I have yet to see a purple
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Martha Overload.

Ok. I’m sort of on Martha overload. Yesterday, I had to get some samples for a project I’m working on, and I stopped by Macys. Over at Its(k)wood, we posted about the new Martha line that House and Garden magazine said was coming in September, but I kind of freaked out cuz its already in stores now! I have a big post on the faux bois collection there. It’s gorgeous. And she has bedding and kitchen s
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Type the Sky!

How awesome is this font! It’s made from photographic images of views from below looking up through architecture. Designed by Lisa Rienermann (via Dezeen)
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blue munday: Driftwood and Seaside cottages

Happy munday. Summer dayz… remember those? If you’re a slave to the grind like I am, then you’ll understand my longing for ocean breezes right about now. Even though I live fairly close to the beach, I am not there at this moment in time, and would rather be, than here in front of this computer procrastinating from work, hehe. The August 2007 issue of Better Homes & Gardens has a great feature
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