WYWO 2.4 the finale

So FINALLY, here is the end result of my parentals family room redo. Pictured above is the before (here’s the link to an explanation)….And here is the after.(Here is link one, two, and three for refresher.) Now, it’s not a major overhaul, but at least it feels more cozy, and definitely has more color. As I mentioned, I couldn’t really move the furniture placement, and I was forced to keep the TV where it was due to the cable box location. Since I had only really had one weekend to complete this, the biggest thing I did was move the piano out (that sucked. I highly recommend hiring a professional!), and replaced it with more shelving/storage. I also added some paint to the walls for contrast. The artwork above the black bookcases really tied everything together for me, after using the pillow as initial color inspiration. The parentals were happy though, so I guess it’s all good.
In case any of you were wondering, here’s how I made the branch artwork above the wall. I simply took an old branch, hot glued some wooden “biscuits” that came in a prepack at the craft store… I actually was contemplating leaving it just natural, but the room called for it to be painted darker- so I spray painted it with a mixture of three metallic spray paints, a dark bronze, a shiny gold, and a medium matte- gold. I then sprayed/misted a little black on it to “age” it a little. I mounted it to the wall by placing some strategically placed nails under certain branches. It’s so light that it held up fine. For the rest of the stuff, I got most of the accessories from Target (the two matching lamps were a major steal- Victoria Hagen lamps on clearance for $15 each!) or HomeGoods, and as mentioned, the big pieces from IKEA.

It’s been an interesting exercise doing this room, since this is the room my parents use the most. Here, there were many instances where I had to make a conscious choice to not get something I may have put in my own home, because I knew my parents might not necessarily share the same sentiment…or “get it.” Anyways, I guess that’s all part of the drill when you design a space for someone else. Next up, I’ve been asked to attack the master bedroom or the downstairs guestroom. Stay tuned…

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