The white zone is for loading and unloading

I’m going to be travelling a bit today, so my posting will be a little weird- however, I should be interweb-connect-able, so hopefully I can post a bit over the weekend. Heading off to Scottsdale/Phoenix, so thank you to those that emailed and left suggestions- will definitely keep you posted! In the meantime, Bloomingdales recently opened a brand spankin’ new fabulous store here in OC, at South Coast Plaza. The space is quite impressive, and for the grand opening, they sent out these really nice invitations. I really liked the graphics on them, and they co-ordinate with the shopping bags too (uh… not that I bought anything already… um…. yeah…). I love the crazy overlapping semi-clashing patterns and the silhouette. Great colors too. Did anyone else get one of these? I’m wondering if it’s just their standard grand-opening graphic or if it was special to South Coast Plaza.

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