Bulletin board inside cupboard

I’ve always been one of those people that likes to put stuff on their refrigerator. Lots of magnets and fun things. I love moodboards and bulletin boards and love having things that inspire me around. However, I can see that it doesn’t always make the “neatest” impression, and in a small space, the more you can hide visual clutter, the larger it looks. My kitchen is pretty small, and as mentioned, I had my tchotchke’s and random clippings on the fridge. Recently, I had the honor of having part of my kitchen photographed (more on that later) and during the photoshoot, I was really bothered by seeing all that “stuff” on the fridge. So I removed it, but then never put them back up. I really enjoyed the cleaner appearance, but still struggled as to where I would put up my little happy notes and stuff. Well, that has all changed now that I saw this idea in the July 2007 Living Etc. I absolutely love this idea of utilizing the INSIDE of your cupboards to tack up things. Every time you open up the cupboard, you’ll get a nice visual surprise and when you’re done, it goes out of sight! I’m totally going to do this. I’m just wondering if I should maybe put a thin layer of cork, or just tape it like they have in the picture (I’m thinking I’m going to opt for the simple “just tape it” solution.) Has anyone else done this? Does anyone like to keep stuff on the fridge? or nothing at all?

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