blue munday: mood lighting

I’m still in Arizona, and will be travelling monday back home. While here, I’ve seen lots of great things, and am impressed at how much modern there is in this desert town. Originally, I was debating on staying at the new Mondrian, or the more retro Hotel Valley Ho. I opted for the Valley Ho, and really glad I did. The place is a lot of fun and they did such a great job of mixing old and new. One of my favorite things is the bathroom. I’ve posted about mood lighting before, and when I opened up the bathroom door at the Hotel Valley Ho, there was this curious label above the light switch. There was the word “MOOD”. I flipped the switch and was pleasantly surprised that there was a cool blue light above the tub!They also used a really great turquoise/teal color on on the accent wall .
It was really visually refreshing and such great color inspiration for the summer…

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