Ben Loiz Nike Joga Bonito mural

I recently picked up the Summer 2007 issue of Plus 81, a japanese design magazine. The Summer issue is their “west coast” issue and features tons of the great designers from here on “the west siiiide..”- One piece that really caught my eye was from designer Ben Loiz, who created this really fun mural for Nike’s Joga Bonito campaign last year. To create the mural, he basically took a soccerball and dipped it in paint and bounced it up against the wall to create a print. I’m not sure how they got it to be so perfect, but there’s a movie on his site that shows the process. Pretty neato! I’m not sure if it’s still up, but if anyone is in the LA area, the mural is apparently on Suplveda Blvd, at 4310 Suplveda… I’d love to do this in a room somewhere…. like a blank wall in front of a dining table or something…. kind of like those pieces from Damien Hirst– Check out Ben’s site for more coolness…

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