While you were out: The second season

So last year, I was given the daunting task of redoing my parents living room. (click here, here, and here for reference. And here’s a link to my flickr set on the completed living room) It was all made possible by the fact that they had left for a long boat cruise somewhere, which left the house free for me to do what I needed to do. Well, this year, my parents went away again, a slightly shorter trip, but I was left again with the task to continue what I had started, and move forward to the “family room”. This room has always bugged me. It’s a very awkward space. Plus, I have the added wrench thrown in that they have this gi-normous leather couch (it reclines… ooooooh…) and it has to stay. The other challenge is, my mom has this 70’s stretch canvas fabric art that she loves (I love it too) but somehow it has to blend in with the purple/pink vibe I started in the living room. Other than that, there’s this big piano- awkaward shelf, horrible halogen lamp, and not much color. I did already have a head start, in that when I got window treatments for the living room, I also got the same ones for the family room. Anyway… the challenges were:
1) work with existing couch.
2) integrate Orange into existing color scheme, and transition it to new space.
3) warm up the space.
4) get it done before they get back.
Click here to see my additional notes on the “before” room on my flickr page.
Stay tuned for what I ended up doing, but I’d love to hear how you’d tackle this?

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