Tord-mania!: the book

Last Christmas, HappyMundane went into a bit of a Tord Boontje frenzy as his beautiful designs were featured at Target. Holly at Decor8 sent me an email telling me that there was a book coming out about him, and I ordered one right away- Last week my copy finally came! The book documents almost all of his work and gives insight to his inspirations- all the way up to his Target collection and the present. The book is pretty extensive and thorough. Its pretty thick and substantial as well! The cover has this neat white mesh that is integrated into it. Also many of the pages are perforated with this cool pattern. I love seeing his pieces placed in a natural outside setting, as well as many of the detail shots they included. It’s also fun to see his earlier work and photos of his studio and past. A must have for any Tord fan or modern design lover. Get it here:

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