TGIF and Arizona?

I feel like this week was some sort of crazy alternate universe- with the whirlwind rush to NYC to cover ICFF, and then coming back to find a pushed up deadline for a big project at work- my mind has been crazed. Anyway- its FINALLY friday and a long weekend too! (its a holiday on monday in the states) (hooray!) I have so many things to post up and report about so I’ll be doing that over the weekend- check back if you get a chance!

Another thing, I wanted to know if there were any Arizona Happy Mundane-rs? I’m going to be in Phoenix/Scottsdale next weekend and wanted to know if any of you could give me any recommendations? It’s my first time there and I’m really excited! Let me know any tips, food places, shops, thrift stores, sights, etc… that I should check out in the comments- Would be greatly appreciated!

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