Sunny Days

It’s been so hot lately here in OC and So Cali, that I’ve got sun on the brain. Recently, as I browsed through Banana Republic, I spied their credit card application. I like the abstract sun that kind of reminds me of some sort of 50’s vintage block print, but is really made up of silhouettes of clothing (so clever). This for some reason got me thinking about lemons. Do you enjoy iced beverages with lemon? My only pet peeve is when I suck up a seed while drinking with a straw. Grrr… hate that.
Anyways- Here’s a couple fun sun-inspired things I’ve spotted recently:“radial pillow” from Hybrid Home
Utopia Sun ornament by Jonathan Adler“Starburst” (ok, not specifcally a sun, but the sun is a star right?)
mirror and bowl from Crate&Barrel
“Drawing the Sun” book by Bruno Munari

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