David Weeks Ulterior Votives for Kikkerland

Like a moth to a flame, burned by the fire… my love is blind, can’t you see my desire? that’s the way love goes…- Janet JacksonThere is something mesmerizing about staring at an open flame isn’t there? That was the inspiration behind these super cool little “hearths” from designer David Weeks for Kikkerland. Weeks was inspired to create “hearths” for the urban dweller. Inspired by the concept that “an open flame inspires personal reflection, but modern urban life offers little time for meditative moments and limited access to a fireplace.” So, Weeks created his “Ulterior Votives” collection, which uses a standard tealight. There is a mini Chimnea, campfire, and oil drum, all made in slip-cast porcelain. They’re only $20, and will be available starting next week at mxyplzyk.com, as well as design stores throughout the country. The best part is that they made these hillariously cool videos of each one. Love the deer with lazers and the funny knitted toys!

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