blue munday: what’s above Yves Béhar?

I hope everyone, who’s in the States, had a great Memorial Day weekend. Technically, it’s still monday, so I’m sneaking in a little Blue Monday post. I found this image of designer Yves Béhar, in one of the press disks from ICFF. It was in association with this new line of dog products that these students created, under the guidance of Mr. Béhar. Read more about it on my post for AT:LA. But what I found so striking about this picture is what’s above Mr. Béhar’s head. I love all the random blue lights that are suspended from the ceiling. I also love that they are all painted blue! It totally reminds me of a display you’d see at Barney’s Co-Op– how they paint all the props that same blue color. (I’m dying to try that somewhere in my house!) I think it works really well in this particular space because it becomes the focal color (notice that everything else is white) and it’s such an unexpected place for it too. Plus it stays functional because it’s all lighting. I could see this as a fun idea to do if you have a studio/work place, or even for a modern outdoor patio or something. Actually, it could be a fun idea for a dining room too. If you kept the table/chairs and main pieces white- and added a pop color using multiple lights from the ceiling, all painted in the same hue.
Over the weekend, I saw another example of random lights all unified by color at South Coast Plaza. This is actually located above the stairwell, that is by the conceirge desk, by the Williams Sonoma store on the top floor. I don’t know how long it’s been there, but I just noticed it. Anyway, it might not work in all situations, but it’s a fun idea if you have the space.

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