White on White

Every year, I love Living Etc’s “White” issue- What is it about “White on White” that is so appealing? Perhaps its that when you take away all the color, (or when you use just one color), you are forced to recognize everything else, like shape and texture. The other night, I stopped by Crate&Barrel and loved these Chiseled Hurricanes. I couldn’t tell what material was on the outside, but whatever it was was fused onto a glass cylinder hurricane. Then the surface was chiseled away, leaving this interesting and very modern looking pattern, which when illuminated, gave off an amazing glow. They’re kinda $pendy, ($79.95 and $89.95) so when they o on sale, I’m gonna grab me a small one!
One thing I totally noticed in the Living Etc. issue was how this one lady painted her logs. They recently showed this idea (of filling your fireplace) a few issues back, but I loved the fresh look of painting them purely for decoration. I could see this looking pretty cool, just as a bundle. Like if you painted one of those log stacks you always see outside the supermarket. It would be like a sculpture.

Anyways- what do you think of white on white? I’ll have a few more tomorrow…

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