Tree Blocks

Remember Lincoln logs? Well, I randomly came across these real wood toys, but I kinda find these much cooler! Welcome to the world of Tree Blocks! I don’t know if they’re originally from the UK, or if they’re based out of Santa Barbara (perhaps its the US distributor?), but they say they’re “elves” so… perhaps that would explain the mystery. The UK site looks more developed, so my money is on them as originators. Anyway, regardless, their toys are so great. The pieces are made from reclaimed wood, discarded from paper forests. I love that many pieces retain the actual bark. How Lord of the Rings is this house set? And these sets could look amazing simply as sculpture on a coffee table or in a bookcase. The most stunning are these “toad stools” but sadly they’re apparently out of stock (boo…) What fun huh? As we say over at I(k)NW, “wood is good!”

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