Martha Stewart Living May 2007 pt1

During my usual stop at the magazine stand, I picked up the latest issue of Martha Stewart Living, mainly because of the key words “…Color Issue”. I’ve always found inspiration from the color combos that the team at MSL come up. So, I figured this would be worth a pick up. Don’t let the kinda, eh, cover shot fool you. Do you see all the orange stickies at the top? That’s all the “good things” that were inside! Chock full! What should have been the cover, in my humble opinion, is this shot from the intro page of their color section. The page has some interesting facts about color, but really, it’s the photograph that is what’s so memorable to me. I totally want to make some sort of art project with sticks of colored chalk now! Another thing that I want to try are these ravioli made with beets. They look so weird, yet kinda pretty at the same time. Have any of you tasted or made beet ravioli?Anyway, there are so many great ideas, I’m going to have to break this post into few segments. But if you’re by the newstand, definitely check it out! (to be continued)

(all images from Martha Stewart Living May 2007)

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