J.otto is back!

As a huge fan of Mr. Seibold’s work, I was very sad to see his old site (jotto.com) had gone down- BUT I just got a comment from him and it’s back! (well, he got a new domain name) YAY! He said, “…yeah, somehow I couldn’t prove I was me when re-registering my domain (after ten years!)… and in the process, someone who needed to make a crappy gambling site was able to nab the jotto.com. So, tell everyone this sordid tale…” I guess moral of the story is, keep tabs of your domain name and make sure you renew it before it goes! Here’s more in his own words. Well, I’m thrilled he’s back (not that he ever left, just his site) and looks like we’ll get to see more books and projects in the near future. He also recently completed some fantastic posters for St. Judes Pediatric Cancer Treatment center.

And he has a blog as well! Catch up on what he’s been up to- (click on news) Check out all his characters/books, and even download a fun paper box!

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