I REALLY found it!

One of the columns I love about Domino is the “found it” where they try to find something they’ve seen and come up with either the actual thing, or a really close alternative. Well, this month’s “found it” was a little dissappointing. The writer saw this leaf “garland” at a friend’s house, and ended up finding this other garland, but honestly, the two are sooooo not the same.However, I am proud to say, that I actually “found it!”- Well, at least found something that looks very very similar to the original photo. Turns out it’s not “garland” at all, but rather a metal sculpture. It’s actually a little heavy, and I’m suprised that whoever owns the original was able to secure it to the mirror, but I guess it’s totally possible. Anyways- I found this metal sculpture at a recent estate sale. It was a bit expensive, but I kinda just went for it. I don’t think I’m going to have it in my house.. but I may use it in another project, or re-sell it… but anyways- what do you think? Did I “find it”?

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