Every Man Jack products

As posted by Men.style.com and Notcot, Every Man Jack launched at Target recently. Of course, being the faux bois obsessed, I had to check it out firsthand. So… off to Target I go (again… hehe. yeah, twist my arm). First off, it was a little hard finding. I thought it would be in their new specialty products section, where they have the new Boots line and also where I got my Sharps stuff. But no. They weren’t there. In fact, they turned out to be in the normal shaving section, by the Gilette and razors section. Anyway, they’re pretty cool. The packaging is brilliant. The faux woodgrain looks great, and I love that they embossed the logo too. Totally modern and fun. There’s even witty verbage on it that play off the word “jack”- Each product has different text. However, the caps on the shaving gel are made of metal, and sadly, the woodgrain scratches off pretty easily. They had versions that were fragrance free, as well as their “signature” scent, and a tea tree scent- but I went for the cedarwood. The best part was they were all around $4.99 each. I haven’t had a chance to try them out yet (I got the shave gel and body gel) so I’ll report back later. Check them out next time you’re in store.

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