Dos Lagos futuristic bridge in Corona

As a design lover that happens to live in suburbia, I’m always excited when I see something new and forward thinking appear there. Case in point: I was recently in the “IE”- (Inland Empire) specifically the city of Corona, and went to the new Dos Lagos shopping center. Now the center itself was nothing that exciting. Typical new outdoor-ish mall development, but what caught my eye was this amazingly striking and cool looking pedestrian walkway that cut through a man made lake and had a waterfall that followed it. I posted this on AT:LA yesterday, but thought I’d also share it here as well. It looked like something you’d expect to see in some new development in Asia or Europe, but not here in …. Corona! I highly applaud all those that let this pass and get made (it was designed by Nardi Associates, by the way). We need more forward thinking people to bring back the fusion of art and public environments. Have any of you been to this place?

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