Blue Munday: rain, more kylie, and jason brooks

I always love it when it rains at night. What is it about the calming nature of the sound of rain? I filmed a few seconds of it from last night’s april shower we had here in Southern Cali…

Anyway, as much as I like the rain, I’ve been seeing so much summer driven product lately, that I’ve actually been itching for a little fun in the sun… poolside… A few Blue Mundays ago, I posted an image from the H&M campaign for the new Kylie Minogue swim line, and now they have a full blown commercial for it.

(sigh) Doesn’t lounging by the pool sound nice right about now?

anyway- which brings us to a way to have both rain and sun, via the always sexy stylings of illustrator Jason Brooks. Jason Brooks offers prints on his website, allowing you to always have a little fabulousness to gaze upon, no matter what the weather is outside. Here are a few of my faves that go with my current state of mind. Have a great munday!

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