all about lighting…

It’s funny how lighting can totally change your perception of something isn’t it? I was watching this new video for “Makes me wonder” from Maroon 5. I actually enjoy the song, but the video itself is what really caught my attention. I will forever have a thing for airports. I find a certain inherent glamour about it, and have always been attracted to the whole “transport” aesthetic, as well as all things airline/stewardess-esque. This video has all that, (as it’s set in an airport) but what I found interesting was the lighting they used. There’s a pink/lavender hue that’s cast in several of the scenes throughout the video, and I can’t help but think that the video wouldn’t be as interesting had it not been for the lighting. With the pink/lavender hue, you get this sexy glamorous futuristic vibe, but if you can imagine it without it, it probably would just look kinda… normal? See for yourself:

Colored lighting isn’t anything new, but have you considered using it in your own home? My downstairs guest bathroom is kinda weird. The toilet is actually in a separate little room of its own. It’s a small…”water closet” and I didn’t really know what to do with it. The rest of the room that adjoins it, as many of you have seen before, has this sorta vintage-y tropical feel. I ended up getting the bright idea (pun intended) to simply place a hot pink light bulb inside. It was cheaper and easier than paint, and it quickly transformed the awkward space and gave it fun unexpected character. Have any of you used colored lighting in your home?

UPDATE: just for kicks, here’s another favorite airport themed video I love. (NOTE: turn down your sound, for some reason this one is louder than usual)

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