Throwing up some shade… finally.

The other day was a big one for me. (sorry, this may be a long post) I’ve been living in my house now for several years… got myself situated… bought “grown up” things, like a real couch… light fixutres… nice artwork… but there was one area that I kind of neglected, until now… proper window treatments. (gasp!) yes. I have been living without proper window treatments for years. But some who’ve seen pics of my place will say, but you have shades- they’re white? Well, yeah… this is true. However, if you actually looked at what they were… you’d be surprised.When most people move into a new home, some people will throw up newspapers, or old sheets to act as temporary window coverings. Well, I used sheets of packing foam. With simple scotch tape, these sheets stuck to my windows. Because they were perforated, I could cut them perfectly to size. Because they were foam, they were semi-opaque, and let in nice diffused light. And frankly, they looked great if you didn’t really examine them. So up they stayed… and never came down. Every now and then, the tape would wear out, or a draft would tear the foam or whatever, and I’d simply just roll out another sheet and tape it back in place!

I loved my packing foam sheet curtains. They were great. I highly recommend them if you are temporarily without curtains.

But there comes a time in everyone’s life, when one just has to come to the realization that it’s time to take some responsibility in your decor. You need to give the proper window treatments your house deserves. I’m not really a curtain/drapes kinda guy. So… I just went to the nearby 3-Day Blinds to see what they had to offer. Ok, one thing about 3-day blinds. It’s not that you get your blinds in three days, but rather, it takes them 3 days to actually make your blinds (all orders are custom made). I did not know this. It didn’t really matter, because I really wasn’t in a hurry. (I waited this long right?) However, my 3-day blinds experience on the whole was a pleasurable one. In the end, I opted for the “dual” shade system. The “dual” shade is essentially two types of shades in one. They are the honeycomb type, but with both sheer and semi-opaque all in one piece. This gives you the flexibility to control how much sheer or semi-opaque you want. In the end, my windows are now properly covered. I feel better. It feels finished. My windows have… closure.

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