Method Bloq

So more Method news… I spotted this tidbit in the latest Monocle magazine, about Method launching a new bodycare line this month. Called “Bloq”- it not surprisingly features innovative packaging, and as with all the Method products, is going to be readily available to the masses (ie. it will be at Target and Duane Reade). The picture they showed in Monocle was annoyingly tweaked with a red overlay, so you can’t really see what it looks like. Has anyone seen it out yet? It looks cool from what I can decifer. The design was by Josh Handy, who formerly worked as product director for Karim Rashid. According to the article, the “Bloq” design was a “spur of the moment” creation. They originally were going with a round bottle design code-named “Seed” but found that they couldn’t place it properly on store shelves or in the shower. Handy apparently then came up with the “bloq” cube design and everyone loved it and went with it. So many great designs come up like that. You start out one way, and then you take a step back at the last minute and realize it’s not working, and then quickly everything changes but works out best at the end. Have any of you experienced that? I’m hoping to get more info on the Bloq, and will keep you posted…

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