candy grass

Spring is here and thus comes easter basket season! Traditionally, the first step for filling your basket is with that annoying plastic grass that gets everywhere. The other day at Target, I noticed that there was this bag of “candy grass.” At first I just assumed it meant that it was grass for candy. No big deal. But then I looked at it again, and flipped it over to see if it had ingredients. Sure enough, it was edible. I, of course, was intrigued, so had to try it. What does candy grass taste like? Well… like nothing. period. It has no taste. Its so weird. I was so fascinated by these non-tasting strips. I brought them into the office, and everyone else kind of kept eating them too. They just dissolve in your mouth. Someone commented that it kind of has that ricecake “non-flavour”. They also look like shredded paper strips. I liked that they were white too, I could see using these for a really modern easter basket. Maybe something in a clear lucite box … anyway… In case you were wondering what candy grass was… now you know.

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