Trina Turk + Jonathan Adler

Over the weekend I spotted an article about the new Trina Turk store in NYC that opened last December. Trina Turk, known for her laid back and lovely “California-chic” style, has two amazing stores here in So Cal, both of which were designed by Kelly Wearstler, so I found it very interesting that she chose Jonathan Adler to do the NY store. I wonder if there is any weirdness between Kelly and Jonathan, since I do see some similarities between the two, but at the same time, there are a ton of differences. I’m sure they’re BFF since they’re both on Top Design now. Regardless, the NY store looks amazing with lots of fun and color. Apparently, Trina gave Jonathan the direction of “hipster, 1970’s, kind of crafty…” and I think they totally achieved that and more. It’s a great extension of what he did for the Parker. The only thing that is a little funny is how much JA product he put in there, but then, I guess, it wouldn’t be JA without his own stuff. I love it all. I found these pics of the store on JA’s website. There is a rumour that she is considering opening a store here in Orange County! That would be fun! If there are any HappyMundane NYC’ers, I’d love to hear your first-hand review of the store if you’ve been there! I can’t wait to check it out in person myself…

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