RealSimple: Fav household products & OMOP

RealSimple.com recently put up some new topics to their website, including this piece on their top 20 Favorite Household Products. One of these is also one of my personal favorites: the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. (cue sound of applause) Can I get an Amen?! When this thing came out a few years ago, I remember seeing the commercial and going- it just looks like a sponge? who cares? What intrigued me was that it said you just needed to add water. So one day I tried it out. And my cleaning world was changed forever. Apparently, the magic ingredient is the mildly abrasive melamine foam. It worked amazing on my vinyl floors and counters. I have been waiting for them to come out with a floor mop version, and lo and behold- the other day at Target, I saw they do have one!Another thing I saw while in the cleaning aisle, is that Method has come out with a new mop of its own. Called the Omop, it had really cool packaging and an interesting handle. Looks like they had a few different options for different types of floors. It looks great and as with other Method Home products, doesn’t use harsh chemicals. It utilizes microfiber pads, so you can simply wash and reuse. I’m going back to get one and will give you an official HM report on how it works.

Have any of you used either of these mops? (the Magic Eraser or Omop?) Would love to hear your experiences!
UPDATE: I just noticed that NotCot and my ATLA cohort Gregory have posts on the Omop. Check them out! I’ll have my own review this weekend.

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