lace-y chain link

Oh the chain link fence. Such an icon of the urban/suburban life. You pass by so much everyday, but how lovely would it be if you had to walk by some like this?Designed by Demakersvan, a dutch team, this cool lace fence is going into production in India, according to a great post I just read over at dezeen. The lace fence was a big hit in last year’s Milan show. I love how you can turn something like strong steel wire, and still make it delicate and beautiful. I love the contrast. I also love how brilliant it is that they saw past the function of a chain link fence, and saw the potential beauty of the visual pattern that is actually similar to lace. It’s also so nice to see some of these great concept pieces you read about in design mags/blogs actually become reality. I wish they’d put some up here in Irvine though… read more here and here.

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