Yikes! I’ve been tagged?!

Yikes! There’s a tagging outbreak over the blogsphere and now Scrappygirl has tagged me! Last August, Mary Jo at Trust Your Style tagged me to reveal random info about myself. But if anyone is still curious, here are 5 more things you may not already know about me:

1. I don’t know how to drive stick shift.

2. I don’t like coconut.

3. I don’t like raw ginger- but I love gingerbread, and like ginger tea (but it has to have honey.)

4. I like creating a special concoction of ketchup and soy sauce to dip my gyoza or chinese dumplings in.

5. The last pet I had was a goldfish that lived for several years after killing all of its potential friends I tried to bring to it. I guess it wanted to be alone. I currently don’t have any pets, but am currently considering a dog or a cat.

Ok, so now to spread the tagging, (hehe) I am going to tag my fellow ATLA editors, Richele, Gregory, and Vanessa. Each have their own personal blogs with lots of fun things to read and look.

I’m also going to tag my It’s(k)notwood co-editor Em, who has just recently started her own visually inspiring personal blog, SuperCozy!

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