Weekend stuff

Happy FRIDAY!!! It’s a busy day today but I’m so glad its friday. Have to run to another meeting- but here are a few things I saw today that you might be interested in. Over at Apartmenttherapy LA(sorry, just have to plug), a few of us LA editors decided that since so many readers open up their homes to us, we’d share some of our artwork collections with our readers. Click here to check out some of my favorite art pieces in my house, as well as my fellow editors Richele, and Gregory- who have some fantastic pieces. Also- yesterday, there was this amazing amazing feature on ATNY about artist Mary Temple. Also my always in-the-know friends at Shelterrific busted the news that my all time favorite MUJI is opening in NY! All I can say is. OMG.OMG. OMG.
I’ll be posting over the weekend as well, so check back when you get a sec and enjoy the rest of your day!

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