ugh. issues.

Ok… D.R.A.M.A. well, as you might have noticed, my blogger template has been altered slightly. I had to change it completely and that was soooo nervewrecking. It’s not as coolness as it once was, but I think this will be better and easier in the long run. (sigh) I had recently switched over to the “new Blogger Beta“, and because my existing template wasn’t an official “Blogger” template, it screwed up the ability to post comments. Since I’m no programming genius (pathetic is more like it) I switched to an existing template and modified it with the juvenile HTML coding I know. Anywayz, I’m going to keep tweaking it, but for now, I think we’re functional again. Apologies to all who have tried to comment on any posts in the past few days. It should be working now. I know the “moment is lost”, but if you could be so kind and re-comment, if you had tried to put a comment, I’ll feel so much better knowing that I’m not in a cyber black hole all by myself!…

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