Top Design…

I’m so excited to watch design heroes, Jonathan Adler and Kelly Wearstler on Top Design tonight! (hopefully I can stay up!) It will be nice to see Todd Oldham on TV again too. There’s some preview clips floating around YouTube, if you haven’t already seen them- here and here– So far from the clips, the one thing that already annoys me is that theme song! but the rest of it looks interesting- It will be neat to see where they shoot as well, since it was filmed in LA. Speaking of Jonathan Adler, have you seen the interviews with Tim Gunn on the Bravo site? There’s 6 of them and they are hillarious! But there was a phrase that Jonathan said that I found quite brilliant- he said “…start with a classical foundation, and end it with playful punctuation.” That is so true, and I think are words to live by for any type of design challenge you may face. You can get more info and insights at the great BloggingTopDesign blog. So who’s going to watch Top Design tonight?

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