Martin + Osa

Have you heard of Martin + Osa? It’s American Eagle‘s latest concept brand. More high-end, and geared toward an older customer than AE. They only have a few stores, and recently opened a one here in Fashion Island, Newport Beach. Interesting concept… sort of take a little Nike + J.Crew + Patagonia… and mix it all up. It’s very active outdoor-ish-travel and explore the world while kayaking or hiking sort of vibe, but still looking fashionable… the women’s clothing looks more interesting than the mens, but the quality seems nice. Pricepoint a bit high, but not tooo obnoxious. Their marketing collateral and overall image looks fantastic and spot on. I really love the logo and packaging. Anyways, I bought a candle there. They stuck it in this neat tyvek pouch, as opposed to wrapping it, and then sent me on my way with this little bag. What I loved even more was another unexpected suprise: inside the bag had this printed card that just said “adventure.” Even though I’m not really their target customer (I’d rather eat cupcakes and go to sleep) I again, appreciate these details. As far as “adventure”, today I will dream of fantasy escapes… while I take my nap… (at least I have a very active imagination…hehe)

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