Let the Holiday healing begin!

As I’ve mentioned, my happy home is not so happy right now. However, I have big plans to bring up the cheery status this holiday break. I started the first of which the other night. Lets back up… It should be known that I have an awkward shaped kitchen. This isn’t a necessarily a bad thing, but it leaves weird corners that end up collecting random things. One thing that was really starting to bug me was that one of the corners became a dumping ground for all my cookbooks and food mags. I wanted to keep them handy, but at the same time, they were visually cluttering my counter space. So what to do? After much deliberation, I determined the ideal place would be if I could hide them in one of my cupboards. I have a very standard set of typical “track home ” cupboards next to my refrigerator. They can hold a lot, but they’re boxy and deep. I knew if I could hide the books in there, they’d be out of sight, but also not easy to get to. My solution? These supercoolness pull out drawer systems! I found them at the Container store. (unfortunately couldn’t find them online, but they are in-store.) Although a bit pricey (the one I got was $45) I am definitely pleased with the results. The kits come in several sizes, and I’ve seen different variations at the hardware store. I was looking specifically for a sort of solid tray (as opposed to a wire basket.) This version was exactly what I was looking for. Anyways- installation was snap, and they had one that was the perfect size. Now my books and mags are out of site, easy to get to, and I still have some room on the side to store other things. The healing has now begun!… next up… holiday decor… stay tuned…

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